Under Chassis Door Retainer



  • Length = 502mm
  • Width = 337mm

Material & Finish:

  • Aluminium profile, natural anodized
  • End covers, plastic
  • End cover screws, high grade steel
  • Arm, steel, galvanized or high grade steel
  • Cover on arm, rubber, black
  • Fixing brackets galvanized / high grade steel
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A compression spring is located inside a sealed aluminium profile housing which is tightened by plastic end covers and protected against dirt and humidity by ‘O’ rings.

The plastic cover on the front side is fitted with counter sunk stops which hold the arm in three 90 ̊ positions in the released position and prevent it moving into a position other than that required.

The aluminium strip comes with two longitudinal channels for holding the two, infinitely adjustable fixing brackets which are screwed or welded to the vehicle.

The internal parts are made of high grade steel, so are extremely durable, smooth- running and maintenance-free. The spring loaded arm has a stroke of approximately 230 mm.

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