IND-C Series Economy Barrel Swing Handle



  • Vandal resistant
  • Park position with “click”
  • Semi flush
  • IP65 rated
  • Available in many key combinations
  • Suits rod latch
  • Suits Door Material Thickness between 1.5mm-2.5mm
  • Add shaft spacer for 2.5mm-3.5mm Door material thickness (PI5285-06)

Material & Finish:

  • Handle = Zinc die
  • Base = Zinc die
  • Shaft = Mild steel, zinc plated
  • Cover = Black Polyamide
  • Finish Base = Black EDP Coated
  • Finish Handle = Black EDP Coated

Standard Cams Available:

  • Single point cam with various H dimensions
  • Roller Cams available
  • HMS103C-1-1-R Rod latch mechanism with round rod stubs

Kits (purchased separately):

  • PI5285-KIT = Rectangular Boss without Stopper and Shaft Adapter (Angle of Rotation = 360°)
  • PI5285-KIT-1 = Rectangular Boss with Stopper and Shaft Adapter (Angle of Rotation = 180°)
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