Account Application

Business Details 1/6

Delivery Address 2/6

Directors 3/6

Trade References 4/6

How Did You Hear About Selectlok? 5/6

Confirmation 6/6

The Applicant

  • Warrants that the information in this application is correct.
  • Agrees that any change which affects the trading address, legal entity, structure of management or control of the applicant will notify Selectlok Pty Ltd in writing on or immediately after the change becomes effective.
  • I acknowledge and agree to observe the Company's Terms and Conditions of Sale.

I hereby authorize SELECTLOK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD to obtain trade references on me/our company, which are for the sole purpose of confirming trade referees and credit rating details supplied to Selectlok Australia Pty Ltd via their 'Account Application' form. TO COMPLY WITH THE PRIVACY AMENDMENT ACT, I acknowledge that Selectlok Australia Pty Ltd has informed me/us that certain items of personal information about me/us contained in the 'Account Application' form lodged with their company and permitted to be kepy on a Credit Information File, might be disclosed to a credit Reporting Agency. Furthermore, I agree in accordance with sections of the said Act that use by Selectlok Australia Pty Ltd of the relevant information referred to in same, may occur for the purpose of assessment of our Account Application.